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Round Oz Bike Record Attempt - 2008
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Day: 004

20 May 2008


Mount Gravatt



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The best laid plans…..  I didn’t get to bed until nearly 10:30pm after struggling to get my laptop functioning with the wireless modem and a tired phone call with Sharon who was trying to talk me through a resolution.
Regardless of bed time, I stuck to my rising time of 3am, knowing I had a big day’s riding.  I got on the road about 3:45am and was pleased to see a runner out for his morning run.  The traffic was extremely light and most traffic lights were green, making for a relatively quick passage through the sleeping southern suburbs and then across the Storey Bridge with great views of the burgeoning city.  Traffic was building as I headed north out of the city, but not in my direction.  After about 15km the main road became a freeway which prohibits cyclists and I had to carefully navigate an alternative route which actually adds about an extra 10km.  The sun rose in a clear sky, although it was still quite cold as I neared the precipitous and impressive green-clad Glasshouse Mountains which jut out of the countryside, almost like tombstones.  I passed Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo before stopping in Landsborough for a big brekky.  The staff were very interested in my ride and came out to talk with me.
I continued on, worried that I still had many kilometers to go, having lost time going through the city and being too leisurely over breakfast.  I joined the Bruce Highway northwards, which although a freeway no longer prohibits cyclists.  The road was fast traveling, although there were many long climbs and descents through low forested mountain ranges.  As the road left the hills, the land became agricultural, mainly grazing, but some sugar cane.  It was still demandingly undulating and it was warm and hard work.  I reached Gympie soon after noon and stopped for a salad sandwich in a bakery.  I still had over 140km to go and decided to ride the 81km to Maryborough where I knew there was a big service station where I could get an early dinner before riding the last 62km to Childers.  The ride to Maryborough continued undulating through agricultural country with the obligatory mountain ranges to cross every so often.  I stopped for a very nice Chicken a la King with rice, the restaurant special, at 5pm and sat outside watching the world finish its working day.
I then rigged for night riding and rode the relatively flat and straight, but very busy with trucks, road to Childers where I checked into the motel.  Another long day tomorrow, although hopefully a little quicker traveling.



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