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Round Oz Bike Record Attempt - 2008

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16/6 Kerry
Hi Dave, here's hoping you are still on the road if you are able and still willing to. It is now Monday 16th june and there has been no sign of your reports for 5 days. Hoping you are OK and if not that things are not too bad for you. Hoping to see some sort of report ASAP.
Your friend, Kerry
15/6 Di Hayter Dave,
Diaries are great.  Hope you are OK, holding together physically for as long as it takes.
Your trek is reminding me of an episode of Andrew Denton, probably "The Money or the Gun" - so long ago.  Norwegian adventurer Liv Arnesen was being hailed as the first women to walk solo to the South Pole, in 1994.  Andrew asked her, as one would, what she thinks about during the long, long hours of solitude.  She said she tended to get songs stuck in her head - one in particular was Queen's "I Want To Ride My Bicycle".  Somehow the story, and the song, reminded me of you on this ride.  You could, perhaps, start singing "I Want to drag my one-man sled", or something, maybe release the single when you get back.
Best wishes, Di Hayter
13/6 Larry Dave, less than half way to go now and it's all down hill and westerlies.  The Bagley Bunch (the guys Irish and I ride with) will dedicate Sunday's Eastlink 65km ride to you.

Larry Clark 
(I used to try and run with you at Kew-Camberwell AAC)

12/6 Leigh
Congratulations on getting over 'the hump' Dave and past the point of the injury last time.  Well done.  You are an absolute legend and I'm as jealous as all get  out of you.  Keep up the brilliant effort and fantastic journal updates.  All strength to you Dave.
12/6 Ray Hello dave
well you are at the half way mark now dave so keep pushing those pedals 
and when not if you get to Melbourne and you need a place to rest ,have 
a kip,warm bath you are more than welcome to stay with my family..
12/6 Marty
Gday Dave,
I wrote this after I cracked my first 150km last week and was considered a little mad by the "S"aint "H"uberts "I"sland "T"riathalon "C"lub as known as the SHIT Club. After receiving your a second update from Leon of Terrigal Trotters I wrote to them,  Ahh SHIT club, And this bloke has time to write emails!!!!!!!! I reckon Saturday in any weather we should be able to knock over a quick 200k. suggestions? (joking) I have given it a lot of thought. "read carefully his secrets that non of us adopt are," He enjoys a big fatty breakfast.Lets drop the mugs of coffee and adopt that one!!! He doesn't have to make it home again if he over extends himself.That gives you motivation.My wife is happy for me to ride but if I don't make it picking me up is another story.I'm scarred of that!! See a unassembled tent and a wet jacket for a pillow would keep me on the bike too. Anyone seen "Wolf Creek"? That's how he gets his average up. He's scarred.We don't want to leave the sheds at Terrigal at any pace at all.Most of us are looking back at the rowers.
Finally talking to Grey Nomads!! You blokes are doing your best not to either.See another motivational mind game. This crazy blokes no legend, just a product of his environment!!!!
 Wouldn't it be good to meet up with him on his final legs somewhere
and share some of his trip. Anyone keen? marty.
I then logged onto your website, Dave, Truly inspirational,and when asked if you agree your a little mad...... Your answer could be the same as a base jumper I saw on 60 minutes that uses a carbon suit to fly like a bird.
He said,
Madness is turning up to a job for 8 hours a day 5 days a week motivated to make the most of 48 hours until you have to
turn up again and repeat the same process just like the week before.
That's mad isn't it??
Congratulations on your progress and keep up an excellent effort,
12/6 Vladimir i cant believe how far you are covering and your doing it so hard! ie you have no aero bars, your eating junk food as fuel, didnt get fitted up by steve hogg in sydney and are riding a heavy bike..
i only imagine what your mental resolve could achieve had you 'done all the right things' as you truly are a stellar endurance athlete. hats off to you.
keep eating that junk food and riding a bike that doesnt fit you properly..otherwise guys like me that are half your age will look like lazy pricks!
your diet is full of acid..im not sure how your tendons, joints etc deal with it all.
keep on smashing out the miles 
its giving us spectators plenty of smiles!
12/6 Allen Pearson Dave, you are in the right place : Qld thrashed NSW last nite (30-0) so middle of WA is the best place to be. 2000km from any qlder and talk about that game last nite.
Now to serious stuff!
GREAT WORK mate! Sensational stuff - keep it going champ - STRONG!
All the best.
12/6 Freelea Wow Dave you are really inspirational! Keep up the good work! I'm currently riding solo from Adelaide to the Gold Coast.  
Take care :-)
11/6 Greg T A sign of encouragement from fellow Terrigal Trotter, Greg Tegart. On display 9km out from Port Hedland.Click here to view
11/6 Irish

Hi Dave, Irish here, keep it up. We are all thinking positive - Iím sure the wind will turn around soon. Cheers

11/6 David

It may be wet now but think of the goal, think of that finish, within your time limit, all the very best for your very positive finish. I hope to see you on the road sometime as I go round, Iím as young as you are. Regards David

11/6 Jo Hi Dave,
I don't know what I keep doing wrong (techno phobe), but hopefully you
will get this one!.  I was sat at work the other day, reading your blog,
got to the part with the cow, someone walked in, & all I could do was
laugh.  The more I tried to compose myself, the worse I became!! Anyway,
great to see you still have your sense of humour. I can remember when I
did my first marathon, & my workmates couldn't beleive that if they
started work at 9.00 that I had run continously untill lunchtime at
1.00pm.  With the GNW "I" couldn't beleive that I was still going after
the equivalent of 2 working days.  But this, I totally cannot
comprehend. I come to work everyday, go home again & after a month you
are still going, it's mind blowing!!!!!! We are in awe of your physical
capabilities & your iron will power.  We wish you so much luck, & cross
our fingers for some decent weather.  My Dad has recently been dragged
into the 21st century, & can now use a computer.  He is following your
trip in a virtual sense, & loving it, so I'll take this opportunity to
say" Hi Dad" ;-)              
Keep safe, love Jo Graham & Eric
PS: I only just realised I can out do you!! try 2 litres of icecream,
now you're talking
11/6 Erik
Hi Dave
Yes, that could very well be my tracks in the sand you have seen. I too used these signs for my reststops!
I must congratulate you with the Tableland leg!!  I didnt dare take it  :-(
Best of luck for the rest of your trip, you are doing very well and are only slighty behind my average mileage, at this point, YOU CAN DO IT!!
Best regards
Erik Straarup
10/6 Ken & Val Hi Dave we've been following you this time with your e-mails not with the
motorhome as we did on your previous trip.
So far so good and you've reached the point where we left you last time so
good luck and maybe we'll cross paths towards the end of your trip. We are
still at home at this point but plan to get away soon.
Ken and Val (Singleton motorhomers).
9/6 Sue
Hi Dave
Cant believe that you have kept going after all the problems you initially encountered. Well done you are showing great courage.
Look forward to saying Hi when you pass through Melbourne.
Sue Smith
9/6 Philip Murphy Keep rolling along Dave, it's so inspiring to watch you tackle this monster.
Love the reports and podcasts.
9/6 Monica
Hi Dave, Just checked into your website and listened to some of your earlier podcasts. I couldn't seem to download any of the more recent diary entries but it could be my computer so I will try another time.
 Hope your Achilles is going OK and no nagging injuries. Make sure you stock up on some meat and protein/eggs and fruit and veg etc although it is probably not easy to come by in the small take away shops.
 We are all missing you at the Thursday training sessions and hearing reports on your progress. The first Thusrday you were gone it was raining and we deliberated for a while but agreed on a short session in the carpark and felt pleased with ourselves that at least we did something!
 Steve and I took the kids to the Powerhouse Museum yesterday and there was a big feature on the first man to cycle around Australia unassisted. You never know but you could have a feature at ther Powerhouse Museum in years to come!
Keep up you mental and physical stamina ! you are a real inspiration!
Monica Nicol
7/6 Jan Hi Dave,
Very happy to see how you now routinely complete those insane "on
target" days, and great to get a very positive vibe from your daily
reports. Many thanks for mustering the energy after all the riding to
keep us updated! Great news about the Achilles too.
Very wet here for the last week, wouldn't mind swapping the weather
with you for a while to get some heat training...
Wishing you good tailwinds and smooth roads.
Ride safely,
6/6 Phil L
Good on ya Dave, looks and sounds like you are over your bad patch, it all makes great reading for us 'stay at homes'
Keep it going mate,
All the best
Phil L
6/6 Debbie
Hi Dave
I have listened to a couple of your voice mails.
It is hard for me to imagine what you are putting your body and mind through.  Your ride is making a marathon run look very insignificant (to say the least).
The sense of satisfaction at the end of this enormous venture will be very rewarding.
Good luck for the rest of the journey.
Debbie Bloffwitch 
5/6 Dale
Hey Dave
You are inspirational. I remember hearing your name associated with great running and here you are doing a fantastic ride at a break neck speed. You make me feel like getting properly fit rather than tinkering around with semi fitmess. I wish you a slight tailwind and fair skies for your journey in the tracks of the Dane. Go well!!
Dale Thompson
55 year old slow runner
5/6 Robb
Lori and I are following your trip through the daily journals.  We again follow you with fascination.  We wish you the best of luck.
Take care        Robb
5/6 Bruce and Elva Hi Tiger
Elva and I are intrigued with your journey while over here in Norway. Your multi-tasking ability will 
only be exceeded by your successful circumnavigation - you keep getting your tips in (AND 
winning, although I bet you didn't tip Pies v Cats). We have just visited Polar Museum in Tromso, 
Northern Norway, and were inspired by the story of Roald Amundsen whose systematic analysis, focus and physical fitness in his exploration of the North West Passage, North and South Poles could only be a model for your modern-day epic journey around Australia. Keep it up. We'll see you at the Springs.
Bruce and Elva Abrahams
5/6 Bern
HI, Dave
where the devil do you get all the guts to spend all the time pushing the peddles round , from midnight to dark again ?
Talk about suffering is optional, you are a  beacon of light , go  DAVE remember that last push of the wheels around is one less to the finish
5/6 Jon Hi Dave

Sounds like you're doing well with fewer problems- fantastic! You're in good shape approaching halfway!

I'm in Vancouver with the Australian triathlon age group team; over 200 Aussie athletes here for the sprint & olympic distances.
The ocean temperature is familiar to those who swim train in Melbourne & further south- 12C!  Cool even when wearing a wetsuit. It's Vancouver summer - overcast, cool & intermittent rain! The spring ski season in ending this weekend, and there's still snow on the mountains.
All the best!
4/6 Norbert

Hi Dave ,

Just want to wish you all the best of luck for this monumental task; I will be following your daily entry with interest.


Plenty Cycles

4/6 Rod B Dave 
great to read of some improvement on the pain scale with the achilles tendon. 
winter now and you seem to be getting into a good rhythm although I hope the 374km days like June 2nd are sparing.
Enjoying the descriptions of passing scenery and wildlife including injured tiger snakes - reading it makes me feel like I'm there - but without the pain !!! 
Keep it up bro !
4/6 Greg T
Hi Dave
Thought I would send you an email to say goodai. I have been enjoying your journals and picturing in my mind the places you have been talking about. As so far I have been to most of them. But soon you will be in areas I have not seen. anyway,
Keep having a enjoyable and safe trip.
4/6 Dave & Fran


Itís great reading your daily updates and I just had a look at your email support. Loved your comments, plus Philís comments, about Dave Bedford. Iíve worked at the IAAF World Road Running/Half Marathon Championships the past couple of years with Dave and I donít think heís changed too much!

I canít even imagine the daily schedule youíre keeping so congratulations on your progress to date and keep on rolling. As much as we all enjoy your daily updates, remember to keep your focus on the bike.

Far too wet here for golf!

Best wishes Dave C

4/6 Makio
Go Go Go!
4/6 Kerry
Hi Dave, I continue to enjoy reading of your exploits and put my own less challenging existence into a better perspective. I am also challenging myself this year to better 500km in our local heated pool. The pool was completed in Jan05 and since then I have swum on 868 days. In 2006 I reached 482km before falling off the bike and breaking the left hip (kneck of the femur) and missing about 6 weeks. Recovery was gradual and i missed 4months of work with recovery walking sideways in the pool and a little backstroke. No freestyle was permitted until the hip was fully recovered after 4 months. In 2007 I made only 425 km in the pool. To break 500km I need to average 42km a month - about 60 laps or 1.5km a day - and so far this year the total is up to 245km. So i am over target for now with an average of 48km/month. Barring another accident or illness I should bolt it in this year! The cycling has improved too and last week the Leongatha Cycling Club raced the Pound Creek circuit (2 laps of 26km) where 19 keen cyclists raced. I managed to stay with the faster bunch and sprint at the finish, finishing in 7th out of the bunch of 10. Average speed was nearly 35km/hr.
Glad to hear your achilles problem has eased. Hope you can continue to feel comfortable and reach your goals. So far you have done just great. Riding under the stars must be awesome with so little traffic to worry about.
Thinking of you. regards, Kerry Pritchard
3/6 Marg & Rob
Glad to hear the Achilles has settled... We are very envious ot the starry nights... it has been overcast many nights on the Coast.  We held the monthly 3000m tonite in heavy rains and felt justifyably proud of the efforts of 20 odd that showed up to race... however this heroism pales against your efforts!  No need to apologize for not replying to messages.. we'd be annoyed at you for wasting valuable riding/sleeping time!
Heres wishing for tailwinds to assist
Margaret and Robert
3/6 Allen P Dave, great work - like everyone I hope you can complete this epic ride this time round - I'm sure you can mate!

All the very best.
Allen Pearson (Trotter)
2/6 John G
Hi Dave,
Thanks for the inspiration.
The guys at Cappuccino Club here in Melbourne are all looking at your reports and
marvelling at your ability to have a good time out on the road.
As all committed cyclists know :- even when it's bad, its great!
Keep smiling while you pedal and without even noticing it, you'll be back on schedule.
I'm expecting you will be riding through Melbourne in a few weeks and I hope we can join you for a few K's in passing.
John (Gumby) Gould
2/6 Phil
Hi Dave,

Was guided to your website tonight and am totally inspired by what you are doing. Being a 'part time' endurance junkie, I can probably only begin to think what you are going through but I would love to experience how you WILL feel when you get back to Terrigal. Good on you mate. Stay safe and hope everything goes your way.



2/6 Al Keep those legs pumping for just over the next hill is a beautiful valley, but you must climb the hill to see it.    And remember, if you get up one more time than you fall you will make it through.   Can't think of any other cheesy sayings but you're a bloody legend brother Dave.   Following with great interest and willing your forward.


1/6 Leigh
Good on you Dave.  You are an inspiration.  All strength to you.  Your journal entries are brilliant and give a great insight into how tough it is, yet how brilliant what it is  you are doing.  Keep up the great work.
1/6 Phil L
Hi Dave,
It occurred to me that if your attempt was fully supported, ie campervan with you etc, you would have worn out all your assistants by now. Or perhaps they could throw you out of the van at four am, go back to bed, and let you do the first 100k before catching you up for breakfast !
I think you are right about the element of luck required, it reminds me of how often first time good 10k men run their first marathon, and 'get' away with a blinder, then have problems thereafter getting back to their debut time. I think its a case of the more times you put yourself out there, the more opportunities there are for things to go wrong.
This sleep deprivation thing must be similar to Cliff Y on the Sydney-Melb. He certainly wasn't the best athlete, but probably coped best with the sleep deprivation factor.
Perhaps when the 'task' at hand is of more than a week's duration, the 'athletic' ability of the person is less of a requirement..
I have similar memories as you of Dave B, in '68 I think, when he was 18 and we all ran from the North Harrow track, getting back first to the rooms after his 10miler in 52 he would be first into the showers and turn them so hot that up that he would be bright red, and be standing in the shower and defy anyone else to join him. And we didn't because we were too soft, or so he said.
During this same period, his coach, Bob Parker, went on holiday he asked Dave to look after his house, so Dave threw a party and ended up setting fire to some of Bob's furniture in the garden ! 
You might also remember Dave winning the Southern XC Junior 6 miles at 1pm, then fronting up for the Senior race over 9 miles at 2.30, and winning that too !
Mad as a snake, un-coachable, and probably his own worse enemy.
Martin Grey from Shaftsbury was out here a couple of months ago, and tells me Dave still runs 5 miles a day, and still trys to burn everyone up, probably because the blokes he now runs with couldn't run 27.31 for 8K let alone 10K.
And this is the man who now 'runs' the London Marathon. he probably put those cobblestones in at 24 miles deliberately !
Anyway, mate, now that I've sent you to sleep, all the best, hang in there, and just keep those pedals turning, you didn't mention the sore achilles in the last couple of days, we all hope that's come good
Phil L
30/5 Marg & Robert
Hi dave
Law of averages says this has to get easier... Sounds like you are still able to enjoy the ambience of your riding despite your tiredness. Your efforts to make 4am revellie(sp) sound like a sleep in are in vain... Hang in there.
Robert and Margaret
30/5 James L
your going great mate i cant wait 4 my retirement i wanna see u make it in fifty days u know u got in you and its your final attempt so dont waste it mate.. keep ur mind in a good place n watch those missing kms go beneath you.
COME ON LEGS         from james lamb
29/5 Jan H Hi Dave,
Thinking of you twice every (work) day - in the morning when I ride to
work I know you're already in the saddle for 2 or 3 hours at least, in
the evening on my way home I know you're probably still going. Sure
gives me inspiration to move those legs!
I hope you have some days of flat terrain with good tailwinds and a
decent night's sleep ahead. Stay safe and watch your achilles before it
becomes a showstopper.
Keep it up,
29/5 Carl B Hi Dave,
Hope you can stay on this punishing schedule and can get the computer glitches sorted so we all keep up to speed with your incredible journey.
Good luck with your challenge.
29/5 Leon Dave,
The pain,the sleep deprivation and the sheer daily slog add up to so
many negatives but remember that there are so many people arond the
world who are following your progress and willing you on every pedal
stroke. There is an old saying "A man is not old until regrets take the
place of dreams"--Live the dream and hang in there
29/5 Bruce Hi Dave,
In case you don't know, there are a million of us out here that would
like to think that we could do what you are doing (and have done) but
never will or could.
A would be if I could be.
bruce, sydney
28/5 Ray hello dave
I have read your article that was featured in the Audax magazine and 
have been hooked on your exploits,so when i complain about the cold i 
will look to you as a source of inspiration just to get out of bed and 
think of how dave is suffering!!
I will be following your ride and just keep on pedalling!!You kon if 
you ever think of doing this again why not try a two wheeler recumbent??
You won't get a sore backside..Take it from one who owns one..
28/5 Paula H Dave - 
Sounds like you're experiencing (understandably) a bit of deja vu in 
the low spirits department. But even attempting this adventure
(twice no less!) speaks volumes about the amazing person that we all 
know you to be. 
I'm loving the daily reports, although you're scaring me with 
the 'asleep at the wheel' stuff. Please take care of yourself, and 
I wish you both easier days ahead and improved spirits.
Paula Harrington
28/5 Pete Dave,
First time in my 56 years l've heard you say something is 
"beyond me"!!!
what about all those times you tried to beat me in table tennis! (l was sure you would have said "beyond me" then, but even then, you didn't!)
We are all thinking of you and admire your resolve. Just don't kill yourself please, we'd like you to be able to defend the "Harold Trophy" 
for family golfing excellence one day!
brother Pete
28/5 Wendy

Hi Dave,

I hope you get this email.  I just want you to know that I have been reading with great excitement each journal entry of your second attempt around Australia!  I am so proud of you and know that you are going to make it this time.  I admire your strength to keep going despite the lack of sleep, Achilles heal pain, trucks, bee stings, technical difficulties and the elements!  I must tell you that I cringe every time I listen to your podcast because the truck and cars sound sooooo close to you while youíre talking.

Again, good luck and be safe!

Warm regards,


28/5 John G
Hi Animal
 Have been following you everyday and I am sure that this time you are going to make it!  All the guys from the TACK kayaking mob send their regards.  Go! Man Go!
Regards  John Greenway
27/5 Scott J
Hi David. I followed your last journey and only just discovered today that you are trying again and that you passed through Cairns recently. Bummer. I would have had a ride with you for while. Never mind.
You might remember my atrocious poem about your layup with the sore leg at end of last journey.
I can see you are going through your ups and downs in spirits again. If that archilles tendon doesn't do you in, try to remember that there are many of us whose spirits are with you on your journey. It's not just Dave out there on the bike.
Go bro!
Scott Johnston
27/5 Madhu J Hi Dave,
Looks like some challenging, interesting and adventures moments.  Hope to hear you catch up on your deficit (not much! easy to say sitting on a couch at home in NY).  
Keep it going - Wish you the very best. Stay healthy.
Madhu Jain
27/5 Jon K
Hi Dave
Sounds like you're having another exciting adventure! We wouldn't have much to discuss if you were having an uneventful trip. There's lots of time to catch up with your schedule.
Wishing you all the best!
Jon K
26/5 Warwick Y
Hi Dave,
Have been reading your journal and wonder about how much pain and sleep deprivation one can endure!
If this was a letter I would enclose two free visits to a psychologist friend of mine (after the ride is completed).
However, this is in your words the last attempt Ė so go for it. Hope luck goes your way, the winds are following, and the body and bike hold together.
Hang tough pardner !!
Warwick Y.


26/5 Lisa H
following your progress with interest. Please let us know if you require any further support with your tyres as we would be more than happy to help out.
Ride Safe,
Lisa, Guy & the team at BikeBox
Australian distributor of Schwalbe Tyres.
26/5 Phil L
Hi Dave,
Just returned from a 3 day jaunt around Killarney, Warrick, Stanthorpe, taking 3 days to do what you do in a day,
and clocked on to your page and found out about your troubles. 
As you say it aint much fun when things go wrong, but its not supposed to be fun, didnt your Mum tell you that.
As a previous writer said, dont be in too much of a hurry to pick up the 138k.
If you divide the 138k by the number of days you have left,  it works out to be an extra 11 minutes a day, providing you can keep up the Gabrelsilesie pace !
(you know who I mean)
Hang in there mate, and keep it going,
Phil L
26/5 Geoff D Hi Dave
Your doing well, hope the body is holding up well, your web site & pod
casts are very entertaining, keep going we are all keen to see you have
a safe trip.
Geoff Dominguez
26/5 Rodney G
Best wishes from my class.
If you have time, would love you to drop in at the school for another chat with my class.
We are checking your progress everyday.
Rodney Gregg, Senior Teacher
Casuarina Street Primary School
Katherine NT 0851
26/5 Aaron N
Wishing you the best from the campus of Thomson Reuters in St. Louis!
Aaron Nauman
24/5 Leon H Dave,
Your progress makes interesting reading---those small pieces of 
wire are a bummer aren't they---hope your catchup goes well --Good 
23/5 M. Beardslee
Hey dave
After day 6 we were thinking to tell you to suck it up and get a grip.....   looks like you did!!  Well done!
Cant believe the bike shop didnt pick up the wire...  Serves you right for having such good tyres and not getting any practice changing flats for the last 15000km!
Hope the tailwinds eventuate... and take your time with the catch up  I remember some story about the hare and tortoise... now how did that go again...
stay safe
M & R
23/5 Mike O.
Gíday Dave,
Going to the footy with Pete tonight Ė Go Pies.
Keep going, We are having a little 80 k ride tomorrow and Sunday.
19/5 Peter JB G'Day Dave you in bed yet and if the anwer is no...why arent you?? lol 
hope things are going well and it sounds like alot of traffic, wouldnt 
it be easier to just hitch a ride????
Do you remember me or do i come under the people that may not remember 

talk soon Regards Pete
19/5 Mike O.
Gíday Dave,
Irish here. Good luck, The Bagley boys my riding mates are right behind you.
19/5 Craig G
            Good luck mate.



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