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Round Oz Bike Record Attempt - 2008
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Day: 005

21 May 2008





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A day of constants.  The country was undulating, lightly timbered, grazing country.  There was always a range of mountains in the distance off to the left.  Large trucks were always going past, in both directions.  A light headwind blew nearly all day.  I was tired all day.  And I was constantly asking myself what I was doing out here.
I was tired when I started cycling at 3:45am, and a lot more tired when I eventually reached Rockhampton at 9pm.  Apart from the constants mentioned above, it was very cold early and I was underdressed, but didnít want to stop in the dark to find extra clothes so soldiered on.  I waited too long to stop for breakfast.  It was either at Gin Gin (56km) or Miriam Vale (140km) and I chose the latter, by which time I was running on empty.  However, the girl took pity on me and there was so much food on the plate it was literally brimming over the edges.
I had a mechanical problem during the afternoon when part of a shredded truck tyre (wire and rubber) flicked up and got caught in my rear derailleur and wrapped itself tightly around my rear sprocket.  I had to remove the rear wheel to untangle it and got very greasy, but there was no damage done.  (I forgot to mention yesterday that I was stung on the shoulder by a bee which flew into me at high speed.)
I stopped for an early dinner of chicken and chips at Mount Larcom and then rode the last 75km to Rockhampton in darkness listening to the State of Origin Rugby League game and dodging trucks.  Hopefully, past Rockhampton there wonít be so many trucks.  And hopefully tomorrow the forecast southerly winds will blow and I can finish a little earlier.



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