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Round Oz Bike Record Attempt - 2008
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Day: 018

3 June 2008


Cape Crawford


Daly Waters

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I slept well despite the paper thin walls of my ďdeluxeĒ (bed PLUS fridge) allowing me to hear every word of the bed-time conversation of the elderly couple next door.  I decided my mobile phone alarm clock would wake them as well, so just trusted myself to wake around 2am, which I did.  I tip-toed around packing and getting ready and was on the road about 2:50am.  It was the usual bright starry night, but I was disappointed to find that I am now so remote, I had difficulty tuning in an AM radio station to listen to the cricket from Antigua.  I finally found a static-ridden station and made do with that for as long as it lasted.
I couldnít see what was on either side of the road, but presume it was the standard lightly-timbered savannah.  Itís hard to tell at night, but the road seemed to keep climbing and there was a slight headwind, so my average speed seemed frustratingly slow.  There was no traffic and I didnít see another vehicle until about 7am.  Because there was nothing in between Cape Crawford and Daly Waters, my target for the day, I had loaded up on provisions the previous evening at the roadhouse store.  I stopped for a sandwich breakfast at about 100km as the sun began to warm the day and then had a sandwich lunch in a rest area at about 180km.  Apart from the stops and a couple of rest breaks, the whole day was pretty much spent cycling westwards through undulating savannah and arid forest country on a narrow strip of bitumen, under an increasingly hot sun.  There was a following breeze for most of the day and I was pleased to make good time and reach Daly Waters soon after 3pm and get a motel room for the night.  I called Rodney Gregg, a teacher at Casuarina Primary School in Katherine, and arranged to call in there between 1pm and 2pm, as he had requested, to meet his class and tell them about my trip.  It means an early start (on the road before 1am), but it suits me to finish early as well and I have booked a motel room in Katherine to follow the school visit.
Today was relatively comfortable and, apart from a few saddle sores and numb toes on both feet, I seem to be in reasonable shape.  I have been cycling with my right shoe unbuckled and my Achilles problem has abated.  Iím hoping that a few more ďon targetĒ days will build my confidence and well-being to the point where I can think about recovering some of the lost ground.  If I can get 300km back before I get back to NSW and IF (and itís a big IF!) I donít encounter any problems, I still have an outside chance of getting the record.  For the moment, Iím just happy to get into a routine of hitting my daily targets.



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Round Oz Bike Record Attempt

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