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Round Oz Bike Record Attempt - 2008
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Day: 011

27 May 2008


Mount Garnet + 67km



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I woke up at 3am and was on the road by 3:30am, feeling like I was still riding from yesterday.  By 5:30am I was weaving all over the road and too tired to continue.  I found a sandy spot off the road, put down my tent as a groundsheet, and instantly went to sleep, not waking until the sun rose around 7am.  I was still very tired but knew I had to get going. Thirty minutes later I reached the very small settlement of Mount Surprise, just as everything was opening up and got a big brekky at the quaint roadhouse cafť.
I was still very tired, my right Achilles was very painful and my mood was low as I headed west across the savannah towards Georgetown, 91km away.  I worked out that if I continued on from Georgetown to Croydon (another 148km) I would probably get there too late to buy food, including for the next day, when I would pass no stores.  I was extremely tempted to stay in Georgetown and get a good nights sleep.  Staying there would have put me exactly a day behind schedule, but still on target to equal or beat the new record of 51 days.  However, a nice hamburger and chips for lunch along with the chatter and admiration of some tourists, decided me to continue on to Croydon.  I called the pub there to book a room and set off.  The rest of the afternoon was a real test.  I was exhausted, my Achilles hurt a lot, and I couldnít deal with the thought of another very short nightís sleep followed by another very early start and another long day.  The country continued to be brown-grassed, lightly-timbered savannah with some low mountain ranges to cross.
I now donít think I have any chance of maintaining a 300km per day schedule.  Itís just beyond me, especially after losing time with the punctures.  I will stay in Croydon until the shops open in the morning, and get breakfast and supplied for the next 24 hours.  That will give me a reasonable nightís sleep tonight and hopefully my mood will be better tomorrow.



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