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Round Oz Bike Record Attempt - 2008
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Day: 007

23 May 2008





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I ended up screwing around with my computer trying to get the modem working last night until nearly 1:00am, so getting up at 6:30am didnít really amount to any extra sleep.  Amazingly, the modem worked first thing in the morning, so I spent an extra 30 minutes doing my telco chores and didnít leave to read the 37km into Mackay until about 8:00am.  On the plus side, the rain which had been falling when I woke up had stopped by the time I left.  The ride to Mackay was flat and fast through endless cane fields and I found a bike shop (I carry a list with me of at least one bike shop in every town where there is oneÖ.and one motel).  Their mechanic wasnít on-site so I rode a short distance to a second bike shop, Bicycle Connection, where, after I explained my predicament, they dropped everything and replaced the broken gear cable and re-fitted the errant tyre from yesterday after a careful inspection revealed no problems (I had also closely examined it last night and couldnít find a problem either).  I was very grateful for their friendly help.
On the way out of town I found a fast food place for a belated breakfast (10:30am) and began heading north to Proserpine, 125km away, where I planned to stay the night.  After only 5km, and still in the outer suburbs of Mackay, the rear tyre went flat again!  This time I found the hole in the tube and carefully matched it to the tyre (much easier in daylight with a concrete footpath to spread out on).  After a microscopic and painstaking examination, I saw a faint metallic glimmer and found a 3mm long piece of wire about half the breadth of a staple, which I eventually managed to pull out.  I  put in a new tube pumped up the tyre and havenít had another problem (touch wood!).
I then continued on gently climbing through a pretty mix of forested low craggy and steep mountains and carefully laid out sugar cane fields.  It was overcast and mild, but there was rain visible in some directions and the clouds covered some of the higher peaks.  I enjoyed a moderate tailwind and made good time.  There was less traffic and I occasionally found myself flying along at better than 30kph listening to the hum of the tyres and the rustling of the wind in the three metre high cane fields which are divided by mysterious looking mown grass pathways wending their way out into the fields.
I made good time to Proserpine, enjoying the last 20km across a flat plain surrounded by silhouetted mountains and backlit ran clouds as the sun set.  I almost made it to Proserpine before being hit by one of the rain patches and arrived at the motel I had previously booked, somewhat wet, but in good spirits an d looking forward to a good nightís sleep, having had a mild headache all day.
Iím now 138km behind schedule and will see how tomorrow goes before deciding how quickly I should try to catch up again.  Following winds are forecast for the next two days.



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Round Oz Bike Record Attempt

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