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Round Oz Bike Record Attempt - 2008
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Day: 002

18 May 2008





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I got up at 3:30am after about 5.5 hours sleep.  I ended up going to bed later than planned because I couldnít get my files e-mailed to Sharon.  I think there may be an incompatibility between my very small notebook and the wireless modem I use which seems to time out the connection when I try to send large files.  Very frustrating.
Anyway, I got onto the road about 4:15am in cool conditions with a light tailwind.  It was very dark, of course, as the road wound through hilly timbered country, but there was less traffic, which was good.  I made reasonable time and as dawn broke I reached Kempsey (76km) aided speedwise by a large farm dog that burst out of the underbrush and had two good attempts at my let ankle.  Rather than stop at Kempsey on continued on through what was now river-flats grazing country to Macksville (120km) where I had a ďbig brekky.  Iím trying to be very disciplined in my approach this time, especially in the more settled areas where there are lots of enticing opportunities for snack stops.  Iím telling myself that every minute wasted on the road is a minute less sleep.  I plan to cover about 100km before breakfast and another 100km before lunch, each limited to 30 minutes.  In between, Iíll stop every 30km or so (less frequently early in the day) for a 5-10 minute break and a drink and snack from what I am carrying,  So far so good.  Itís amazing how much time you can lose looking for a better bakery in town if you donít see what you like on the highway.
After breakfast I continued on through mostly forested hilly country on a narrow winding and busy road which made life interesting.  The short sharp hills also took a toll on my tired body, but I just kept plodding along.  I reached Coffs Harbour soon after noon.  Itís a large resort town and business centre, fringed by steep green hills, some covered with banana plantations.  I resolved that, if I could see a store likely to sell iPods, I would buy one, but I wasnít going to leave the highway.  As fortune would have it, I spied a very large electrical retailer (Harvey Norman) as I left town, parked my unlocked bike out the front and raced in and bought an iPod from a bemused sales girl.  A short hilly ride, some of which gave great views over a sparkling blue ocean, the first time I had seen the sea since starting, brought me to Woolgoolga where I stopped for a salad sandwich (yes, you heard correctly!) and a milkshake for lunch.  The road then turned northwards away from the coast for the 56km to Grafton, which proved to be a challenge.  A strong westerly wind was often a headwind, and the hills were large and the legs tired.  I made slow progress.  On the plus side, it was beautiful lightly timbered country and later in the day, the sun shone through the trees dappling the road on a lovely late afternoon.
I reached Grafton at dusk and the road flattened, as it followed the wide slow moving Clarence River eastwards, and my speed picked up as the sun set and a full moon shone on a still very busy road, often with little room for cyclists.  I reached Tyndale, my target for the day around 6pm, but didnít like the look of the very large, but almost totally dark motel devoid of any sign of habitation or guests.  The clincher was that there didnít seem to be anywhere to get food.  I decided to continue on another 15km to Maclean.  As I reached the outskirts I passed an isolated service station and decided to buy a few snacks, just in case there was no food available in town.  Just as well, because there wasnít although the motel was very nice and cheaply priced.  My dinner comprised chocolate and some flavoured milk.  Iíll ride the 93km to Ballina first thing and get a big brekky.



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