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Sydney to Melbourne by MTB - 2004
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Day: 009
Date: Tuesday, 16 November 2004
Start: Omeo
Finish: Dargo
Daily Kilometres: 90
Total Kilometres: 1064
Accommodation: Motel room
Nutrition: Breakfast:  Toasted sandwich
Lunch:  Pie and pastie
Dinner:  Counter tea
Animals Seen: Emus
Pictures: Here
GPS Track:  
Journal: I got up at 6:30am after a good night's sleep and packed up and left by 7:10am.  I rode the short distance to the bakery and had a toasted sandwich for breakfast.  Then I headed out of town on a beautiful sunny and cool morning.  As expected, most of the morning was spent climbing, first on bitumen and then on gravel as I crossed the Birregun Range.  There were logging operations going on along the first part of the road and I made sure I got off the road when the trucks roared past.  Once past the logging, I had the road to myself apart from a grader midway along.  It was a long climb and I had to walk a number of times.  After yesterday's fatigue I was quicker to walk today when I got tired.  I felt better and really enjoyed the isolation and views on the beautiful day.

At one point the road passed through a vast section of burnt-out forest which was eerily quiet but with a stark beauty.  Further along, back in the green forest, I startled a pair of emus who ran along the track in front of me for a way.  My initial plan was to get to Dargo for a late lunch, but as the day wore on my likely arrival time got later, mainly because of the hills, but also because of the poor road quality.  On the descents I had to concentrate hard on dodging the rocks and my hands grew very tired from holding the brakes on.  I hoped that the brake pads would last the trip.

Later on I noticed some new rattles from the back and stopped to find the carrier was loose and had lost a screw.  Fortunately, I found an unused one elsewhere on the bike and managed to fix it.  I need to check more regularly.  I eventually arrived in the sleepy and pretty town of Dargo just before 4:00pm.  I got a pie and pastie for a late lunch and decided to stay in the town motel for the night.  This means I'll get to Melbourne on Friday.  I got some advice from the motel owner on the best track to Licola tomorrow.  I have a big hill to climb.



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