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Round Oz Bike Record Attempt - 2007
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Day: 012

Tuesday, 31 July 2007


Motel in Normanton


Riding from Georgetown to Normanton

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Cool at first.  Warm and sunny later.  Light SE/NE winds.


Big Brekky for breakfast.  Hamburger, chips and yoghurt for dinner.  Various snacks during the day.


A few kangaroos, a few eagles, and herd of wild boar crossing the road in front of me (having been chased by a wild boar on a previous trip, I did plenty of yelling as I approached and they took off into the bush).


The first three hours riding at night under the full moon on a cloudless and windless night was fantastic.  I only saw two other vehicles and no other lights of any description.  It was like I had the whole world to myself.  The silence was palpable.


Very sleepy most of the day.

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I got up at 12:30am and was on the road by 1:20am.  It was cool but pleasant and I made good time on what seemed like my private bike path through the brilliantly moonlit bush.  The countryside was mildly undulating savannah with occasional grazing cattle, which I had to watch out for on the road.
Around dawn I suddenly started feeling very sleepy, the product of two nights with little sleep and had to struggle to keep awake as I rode over the last low mountain range and descended into the little outback town of Croydon (148km) at 7:45am.  I found a roadhouse and ordered breakfast and two cups of coffee, and bought some drinks and snacks to see me through to the next town, Normanton (152km), my target for the day.
With a full stomach and the day rapidly warming up, I was soon dozing while pedalling again.  The countryside had flattened out with long straight stretches and light traffic, mainly grey nomads towing caravans.  There were occasional partly dry creeks and stock waterholes that attracted a variety of birdlife.  The temperature rose into the high 20s Centigrade and I distracted myself by listening to the ABCís morning talkback show where the recently announced Queensland local government amalgamations was getting plenty of air time.
I broke the trip into 30km sections, stopping briefly at the end of each for a drink and snack, and although it seemed to take forever, I made reasonable time and got to the Normanton junction (7km south of Normanton), Eugenís next checkpoint, just before 3:00pm.  I then rode into Normanton, checked into a motel 2kms south of town and rode into town to get some dinner and supplies for tomorrow.
Iíll leave very early again, and wonít see any settlements until the Burke & Wills Roadhouse (192km) so need to be reasonably self-sufficient.  Iím hoping to continue onto Cloncurry, another 181km, but it will depend on how I feel and whether I have favourable riding conditions.  Apart from the need for sleep today, I donít feel too bad,  but donít know how Iíll go doing another long day tomorrow.  I feel Iím near the edge.



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