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Round Oz Bike Record Attempt - 2007
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Day: 004
Date: 23 July 2007
Accommodation Onsite caravan in Gympie
Summary Riding from Burleigh Heads to Gympie
Start Time: 4:15am
Finish Time: 6:15pm
Daily Map Kms: 257
Total Map Kms: 1,052
Map Kms To Go: 13,359
Map Kms ahead (+)/
behind (-) schedule:
Daily Odometer Kms: 290.2
Daily Average Speed: 25.72
Weather: Mild temperatures, partly cloudy with a few light showers.
Nutrition: McDonalds for breakfast, two pies for lunch and noodles and an ice-cream for dinner.
Encounters: As I rode along a bike path next to some small bushy trees, there was a sudden flurry in one and I got hit by a beak just in front of my right ear!
Highlights: Cresting a big hill in the last of a beautiful sunset and seeing the lights of Gympie in the distance.
Lowlights: So many to choose from!  Losing my way many times as I tried to negotiate Brisbane.  Stopping for innumerable traffic lights and map checks.  Getting wet multiple times by showers not quite long enough to justify stopping to put a raincoat on.  Finding out the scheduled distance assumed you could ride on freeways, and you could not (my mistake).  Arriving late again.  Finding all motels in Gympie were booked out.  Getting an onsite van at the campground and finding out the hot water was only lukewarm.
Daily Pictures: Here
Daily Podcasts: Here
Journal: I thought it might be a tedious day and it was.  I left as usual before dawn, and enjoyed the initial few kilometres riding through the quiet streets of Surfers Paradise.  However, I soon encountered my first obstacle when following a sign to Brisbane and then found myself on a freeway with a ‘No Bicycles” sign.  I turned off and looked for alternatives, buying a map in an early morning service station.  Even with a map it was hard to work out how to get to Brisbane without going on a freeway.  I just muddled along, stopping frequently to map read and occasionally having to backtrack.  Progress was slow and it took me nearly six hours to travel the supposed 100km to central Brisbane.  

I found my way across the Storey Bridge, the first of Eugen Schilter’s checkpoints that I must pass, at 10am, dicing with multi-lane fast moving traffic that really got the adrenalin pumping.  I headed north out of Brisbane following signs to the Sunshine Coast, which worked fine for about 15km when the road suddenly turned into a freeway with another “No Bicycles” sign.  I had to start reading the map again and it was difficult to know many times which road to take.  

I reached the spectacular Glasshouse Mountains area where these small vertical and rocky mountains jut out of the forested countryside, and passed Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo.  From there it wasn’t obvious which way I should go to get to Gympie without returning to the freeway.  I decided on a winding back road on the map but, just before the turn-off, went into a store for a drink and ice-cream and discussed my plans with the lady behind the counter.  She said the road would be a very tough ride and that I would be better to go via the Sunshine Coast, even though it was longer.  My mood plummeted and I recognised that I would probably not reach my goal of Gympie for the night, which was already looking difficult before the latest news.  I had to cross the freeway on my way to the Coast and I was desperately hoping there was no “No Bicycles” sign.  As I followed the signs to Gympie onto the freeway I anxiously scanned every sign, but didn’t find any prohibitions.  My spirits soared.  It was still 90km to go, but I averaged around 33kph and made it in less than three hours, despite a number of solid climbs.  With 30km to go I was getting very tired and desperate to finish.  As usual, I just kept pedalling and I eventually got to central Gympie around 6pm.  

I couldn’t find a motel with any vacancies (it was now quite dark) and eventually ended up with an onsite van in a caravan park.  Unfortunately, it was some distance from any shops and after checking in, I had to ride off to find some dinner, making it an even later night.  

Despite only five hours sleep last night, I managed the day OK, but would welcome and early night tomorrow (probably only five hours again tonight).  However, I have a 299km target, although if the road is good and wind is favourable I could be OK.  I feel like I am operating at my limit, especially with the diary, etc., taking more than an hour each night.  However, that was always going to be part of the experience for me, so I’ll persevere for the time being.  

On the positive side, I didn’t have any bike problems today, and don’t have any significant sore spots, apart from occasionally painful toes.



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