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Hume & Hovell Walking Track - 2013

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Day: 009

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Island Forest Park


Island Forest Park

Daily Kilometres: 0
Total Kilometres:



Overcast, squally with showers.


Camping at Island Forest Park







GPS Track:



The day was a total wipe-out.  In retrospect, the unexpected feelings of fatigue I had yesterday were the first signs of some kind of virus.  I woke about 4am to the sounds of torrential rain and to a splitting headache.  At 7am it was still squally outside and I felt even worse, so postponed a decision on the day's activity to 10am, the latest I could probably get up and still reach the next scheduled campsite.

At 10am I still felt terrible and, as showers were passing through frequently, it seemed sensible to stay put rather than pack up camp in the wet and then find out I was too ill to go far and have to set up camp again.  This is the first day I can ever remember getting ill on one of my treks.

So, the whole day was spent sleeping in the hope that I could shake off whatever it was.  I wasn't up to reading or even listening to the radio.  I just wanted to sleep and get rid of the headache and associated nausea.  I don't think it was food poisoning because I didn't have one of the "classic symptoms" but I didn't feel hungry and didn't eat at all for 36 hours.  The whole time was just a blur of tossing and turning and passing rainstorms and squalls.



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