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Alpine Track - 1983
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Day: 008

Tuesday, 13 December 1983


Near Mt Selwyn South Saddle


Near The Twins

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After bad night (woke with feet aching) got up at 6:30am and set off at 7:50am.  After a couple of kilometres reached Mt Selwyn South Saddle and found water with great difficulty at least a kilometre down a scrubby gully.  Had a wash and picked up several leeches, some of which not discovered in shoes until an hour later. Whole effort took two hours and set off again at 10:50am.  Feet both extremely tender (more blisters) especially on outside of both heels worried about infection.  Carried on through Barrys on pleasant fire-trails wooded with good views.  More water at Murray Hut another kilometre there and one kilometre back, but nice little valley.  Carried on up towards The Twins on crest of ridge alpine meadows with flowers and fantastic views.  Suddenly cloud closed in, wind rose and no views from The Twins.  Bad descent in fog with extremely sore feet.  Will hike to Hotham tomorrow and then head for home.



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